Lyrics to Cry
Cry Video:
Everything she wants
Everything she thinks she wants just died tonight
Driving in her car
Reliving all the ugly things they said tonight
She was pissed so she pushed all the buttons she'd saved
For the wave when she knew that she really could hurt him
The smell on her collar, the lights and the noise,
Stupid trucks full of boys
She breaks down and cries
Everything he wants
Everything he thinks he wants just drove away
Crushed inside his room
She can never ever know he feels this way
All the things that she said, I'm so stupid, she's right
No, I'm right, she's a bitch, no she's not, no she isn't
(I'm still here waiting for you)
All the things that she said, I'm so stupid, I want her,
I want to destroy her
He breaks down and cries
I'm still here waiting for you
I'm always searching for you
For all the rest of my life
You will be somewhere else
That shudder, fear and spark
That night beside the river
I'll always be in your arms
No matter who you're holding on to
I will never cry again

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