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Lyrics to Crusher
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If you can't hold your own,
Don't point your fucking finger at me!
Cough, spit, scream, HATRED,
All inclusive
And yes, it's a question of class and experience
Consider yourself dismissed.

Lesson A: This lifestyle is not for sale.
Give it up, again, and again.
And that's how we do it!

To crush.
You must love.

No false pride
No fashion
No fake set of values
A primal force-to completely absorb.
Transforming, serpent-like.
Infernal and true.

Lesson B: Imitation equals failure
Surrender to this
And that's how we do it!

To crush
You must love.

Character grows from pain
Sealed and approved!
And the strength to overcome
Trial by fire!
No slackness.
No wasted chase.
This is the discipline.

To crush you must love
The fine art of crush
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