Lyrics to Crushed
Crushed Video:
There's choice, but what's the choice.
A shattering crash, and no-one cares
As you fall they look away. A lost, forgotten, slow stay

And when the rain comes down, I'll drown
My sorrow

So who calls the shots? Cos I'm not listening. I'll politely smile and move away
So stair cos nothing's happening. You can look all day, it wont change

But now I've landed so lost. It's never ending
What way is the truth. Can I ever decide
At one with all my inner feelings. Do I listen to them, who do I obey

The next time you go looking for me. You'll find me, sitting on my own
Staring out to sea. I'll be alive, I'll be wired, I'll be in-senses.
I'll be thinking of you
Staring out to sea, Staring out to see what I can see, I'll be cold, never lost.
I might be centuries old. Staring out to sea, staring out to see what I can see
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