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Lyrics to Crucial
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[Chorus: Murphy Lee]
These streets, is way too crucial
I just don't know, 'bout fuckin' with new hoes
These streets, is way too crucial
I just don't know, 'bout fuckin' with new hoes

[Hook: Ali]
I keep the same flock, treat em good
Get they mind right, and take em out the hood
Fuck a new ho, I keep it real though
Buy em new clothes and shit, but, um, no dough

Like Presents, she worked at the liquor sto'
So I don't pay for blunts or them bottles of Mo'
She got the hookup, she loves to bone
She love the way the new Q sittin' on chrome
She love the way the hood, talk about it
How it used to be rowdy, calmed down and got bout it
I can't doubt it, it's deep more than just sexin'
It's conversation buildin' the Earth based on lessons
Pussy ain't shit without a brain behind it
Got these queens actin' like hoes simple-minded
Never overzealous, I gasp at what a lady tell us
Keep it peace to God, love Allah, never fellas

[Chorus: Murphy Lee]

[Hook: Ali]

Like Moon she conservative, stackin' the funds
Manage Foot Locker so I keep Air Force Ones
We sit and talk, net game, net lost
Portfolio, she a broker I bought
Two cribs in Spanish Lake, one in Burlington down
She put me on at no fees, just me around
It's sufficient, ate your momma Diva in the kitchen
Veggie burger with cabbage, fresh water lavish
She study and meditate, part-time student
Work a lot, only I can hit the spot
Showin' self-control, controllin' my soul
Easy come, easy go, but all women ain't hoes

[Chorus: Murphy Lee]

[Hook: Ali]

Like Crane that's my boo, I got nothin' but love
She got a fat ass she work at the gentlemen's club
Straight freaky, straight kinky, straight wild
She like to ride but she love dogs with style
Only if her son ain't home, even though we grown
That's somethin' she want him to come to on his own
So we do a lot at Radisson and Embassy Suites
Sometimes we don't make it, end up in the backseat
She go to Fontbonne, low cuts to class
Keeps the boys horny, and the faculty mad
But it's real with me, do you I got the back
Cause me and you connectin, it's hard to find that

[Chorus: Murphy Lee x2]

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