Lyrics to Crown Of Thorns
Crown Of Thorns Video:
I've made my decisions But this is not what I had envisioned I've followed my heart But my truest intentions always fell apart Nothing speaks like blackened souls Sometimes I'm so afraid To think that for all eternity I'll have to sleep in the bed I've made I've tried to stay sane But my past always catches up again I've followed the path within But it always seems to lead back to sin Nothing speaks like a lover's kiss Sometimes I fall to pleasure Knowing that in the end The punishment is too large to measure Bow down. It's what you want Bow down. It's what you need And I know I've let you down My shame and remorse scorn And I'll be forever destined To wear my crown of thorns I've tried to trust But my thought always return to lust I've tried to be pure But my feelings have never been so sure Nothing speaks like eternal shame Sometimes I falter Head bowed down asking for forgiveness At the foot of fate's alter

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