Lyrics to Crowded Avenue
Crowded Avenue Video:
Walking in

Obsolete power suits

All the mothers and the punks in cahoots

I get hypnotized by the cellular bills

Daydreaming of your eyes like caramels

House arrest me

They holler at me

Why don't they let me be

While I look for you

On a crowded avenue

Swept away by the rising tide

By the people on the other side

Everyday's a Sunday when you're unemployed

Coffee cups and newspapers fill the void

For the masses

Time just passes

You make me stand still

When I do find you

On a crowded avenue

I will be so glad to see you

See you passing through

And I'm glad I found you

On a crowded avenue

Baby I'm so so glad

That your mama gave birth to you

So glad to see you girl

Baby I'm so glad I found you

You were just passing through

Just passing through on a crowded avenue

We will go walking hand in hand downtown

I really like it when you shove your weight around
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