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Lyrics to Crossing Muddy Waters
Crossing Muddy Waters Video:
(by John Hiatt)

My baby's gone and I don't know why
She let out this morning
like a rusty shot in a hollow sky
Left me without warning
sooner than the dogs could bark
and faster than the sun rose
Down to the banks in an old mule car
she took a flatboat across the shallow
Left me in my tears to drown
she left a baby daughter
Now the water's wide and deep and brown
She's crossing muddy waters
Tobacco standing in the fields
be rotten come November
And a bitter heart will not reveal
a spring that love remembers
When that sweet brown girl of mine her black eyes are ravens
We broke the bread and drank the wine
from a jug that she'd been saving
Baby's crying and the daylight's gone
That big oak tree is groaning
In rush of wind and river of song
I can hear my sweetheart moaning
Crying for her baby child
or crying for her husband
Crying for that river's wild
to take her from her loved ones

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