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Lyrics to Crossed Wires
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All you wanted was a way
to keep your head above the waves
and keep those bay street wolves at bay
oh, but you will never get to be
one of the unhunted.

and all they want is your good name
but you can't hide republic shame
and you can't graveyard shift the blame
oh, and it is coming like a dark bora
tearing up at the adriatic
I wonder what it's called
when nothings what you get
but you gave everything

so when there's nowhere left to hide
and time it isn't on your side
there is one thing you haven't tried...
oh, and it is coming on the slipstream,
it is coming on the changing tide
if you learn anything
you have to learn to walk the fire
you need to know to play both sides
you've got to try to cross the wires
spark's gonna rain on us.
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