Lyrics to Cross your Mind
Cross your Mind Video:
As I step my feet are dripped in sundown's shadows
And the eyes that pass remind me that she's gone
If my steps could only go back to where they started
To the only one I could call my own
But stars are hid familiar paths of pardon
As I find myself and evening drawing near
If only there was some way I could show her
How much I really felt and I really cared

But now I only stop myself and wonder
If you ever think of all that's gone behind
Yes I wonder just how things are going for you
I wonder does it ever cross your mind

Now my days they could be easy going
Though the keeper of my cares is far away
Cause if there's someone somewhere out there waitin'
Just to let you know things are still OK
When my days begin to lose their number
And the silver dawn comes streakin' from behind
From the night I spent in jokin' and a laughin'
With my friends who tried to ease a troubled mind


I guess we should I guess somehow we couldn't
See it through and get along somehow
I wish we had a chance to start all over
But too many doors are closed to open now
Gal if it comes that our ways don't touch together
Cause our roads ya know they just don't meet again
I'd be pleased to know that you still think about me
I'd be pleased to count myself amongst yer friends

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