Lyrics to Cross My Heart
Cross My Heart Video:
So here's another day I'll spend away from you, another night
I'm on another broken avenue
My bag is ripped and worn, then again now so am i, take what
you want to take

I miss the stupid things, we go to sleep then, you wake
me up and kick me out of bed at 3 am. Pick up the phone and
hear you saying dirty things to me, do what you want to do

Take me with you I start to miss you
Take me home I don't want to be alone tonight

And I do want to show you i will run to you, till I can't stand
on my own anymore
I cross my heart and hope to die

Hotels are all the same. You're still away from me, another
day another dollar that I'll never see. Can i get a piece of
something good, I'd like just a little

I wonder what you're doing, I wonder if you doubt it. I
wonder how we used to ever go so long without it. Now I
know where I go, I'm coming back to you. I'll be where i outta be

(Thanks to Mike for these lyrics)
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