Lyrics to Critters
Critters Video:
Walking among us, a redneck plague. Yeah!
Dangerous teeth, small balls bite you.
Weapons all ready for a new game shot.
Here it comes another trash zone.

Exterminate! Creeps from outher space.
Erradicate! Until the end of earth. Control them E.1

Duplicated like a virus connection.
Armor yourself for the next generation.

How many have suddenly fell, I can see black fashion victims
Into critters tender embrace, I can see black fashion victims.
As they succumb to their sins? Hundreds of wound people
Tribe noise hits all around. Hundreds of wound people. E.2

Take a look around looking to wound. Different toughness for a klown. Hitting critters with no time which is yours which is mine.
Fuzzy balls rolling down town. Wild hunger theres no safe place.

Cradle notice us that they would arrive. Hoards of eponymous beasts. In a bid to stop the mayhem, the alien world send two bounty hunters to destroy them.
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