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Lyrics to Crime Of Passion
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I must be crazy they don't know what we've doneYou are my loverEven though I know it's wrongI hear them talkingbut whatever they doI need to love ;oyuAnd if I love you couldn't we make itGot someone loving meHe won't say goodbyeHe's been so good to meI don't wanna make him cryI need you both to love meIt's up to youYou can help meYou're the reason I can't decideBreakin' my bones and shakin' my nervesTill I just can't see tomorrowLooking at him and looking at youAnd I don't know who to followI'll never win in the state I'm in*It's a crime of passion , I'm bad to love youWhenever I'm with you , I lose controlIt's a crime of passion for me and for youWhatever I give youIt's just too late to save my soulI need to love youMy desperation is the power to go onEach night I prayed for loveI'm at the mercy ofAnd if you don't hear me nowThen I'll be the only oneDon't wanna be , don't wanna be the only oneI saw him yesterdayThe questions he askedI think he knows about usDid we move too fastHow can we hide itWhen we know it's a lieKeep our love under the coversThe pressure is too highWhy do I get myself tied upWhy tangle with love you borrowI should have been known as a one man womanShould have been one love but oh noNever be a cure for the human law(repeat * )

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