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Lyrics to Create Desire - Angelpsit Cover
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Ivory mix up
Bitter spells bed of bitches in a ring
Beauty covers hate $ $ HEY HEY!
Poison weaved by spiteful tongues in a rage
Venom Coagulates

Vanity Addict, I know you want it
Swelling under hide
Hollow corpse, perfume constricted
Cover the stench inside

They only love you 'coz you make them pretty
Beautiful victims of your devil candy

Make up is the mask you wear lay it on, slather up
When the fa硤e breaks $ $ HEY HEY!
Candy shell is deadly sweet cold meat
Bitter after taste

Visceral monster, subdermal horror
Serpent under skin
Use a pen or use a hammer
Garrotte the saint within

Motives malformed spat out premature
Disorder spitting back
I keep all the knives you gave lovingly
Implanted in my back

Shiny wrapping, empty box
Life of mediocrity
Milk the kitty antidote
Months of misery

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Plastic Messiah (TEAR IT OUT)
Create Desire (EAT THE HEART)
Create Desire
Create Desire
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