Crazy Whacked Out Broad & Snyder Lyrics

Extraordinaires, The

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Lyrics to Crazy Whacked Out Broad & Snyder
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If I scratch your back you'll just stab me in mine
and leave me to die alone - swallowed alive in the tide, the tide, the tide
You seem to think that your shit don't stink.
And you put your panties on two legs at a time, time, time

Do me a favor before I depart and you
Report to friends that I broke your innocent heart, heart, heart
Don't forget Muttzy your yappy black dog and
Take all those lawn gnomes and get them out of my yard!

You bitch! You harpy!

'Cause I have grown so tired of the bullshit
And I know you're only acting up 'cause I don't push it

There was a leaf on a tree and it grew higher than the rest
And it was closer to the sun and it was never second best
Until the fall withered all of the trees in its wake
And it got buried under all those piles of all those leave I raked

There is a special place in Hell for the one who felt compelled
To peruse my new apartment for expensive things to sell
Because he got my new computer and he got my fucking ride
But I guess that's just the price I paid to watch him burn alive
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