Lyrics to Crazy Love
Crazy Love Video:
I hate the way you walk
Hate the way you talk
Hate the way you look at me

I hate the way you smile
Hate those big brown eyes
Cause i know there not for me

Cause/but we can never be
More than friends and it hurts me
every time i close my eyes
All i see is you and this
Crazy love,, crazy love,,
Oh this crazy love,, crazy love...

I hate thinking of you
Cause every time i do
I just keep on missing you
And i hate the way i feel every time you're near
Cause it feel like time standing still

Repeat chorus

I hate it when you're blue
And how i care for you
Hate the way my heart decides
And i hate those sleepless nights
And the pain i kept inside
But i keep pretending it's all right

Repeat chorus

I don't know what to do
Hate me for loving you
Cause i know its wrong for me to say
I love you...
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