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Lyrics to Crazy Kid
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Come on
You crazy blind kid
Don't begin doing that old sin
Come on
You glass-made kid
Cus you know what you did
So now you're on your knees
You've lived in dreams
And you're drowned in illusions
And you're covered in your shelters
You don't let anyone in
You're sick of your life
Because it's not the way you want
Still you don't work enough to make it yours.
You're tired of this routine
But you don't make a change
You're afraid to make things worse
An now that your life is gone
And you've missed the starting gun
You begin to think about this chance you've lost
Now that the sun is gone
And you can't find it no matter how you try
You begin to believe that your life is done
Come on
you crazy blind kid
Don't be afraid of dark
Cus there's always a light
Guiding you right
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