Lyrics to Crash
Crash Video:
About a thousand years ago, we started off as friends you know
When you're back in town I'll meet you back home
Help me see it like I did my old eyes, where you been
I won't chase you around, like I chased you back then
The past is failing, the truth is..

Crash, bang, dropping like flies
Looking through the window with your bloodshot eyes
That's me waving goodbye
Hey, you, turn around
Take two steps back and figure it out, I'm the last one around

I know what you said when I threw you a line
Remember the life that you're saving is mine
I want you to know that this is the last time
Wanted to see it like you do
Wanted to know what you're stumbling through
But I don't have any chances left for you
The past is failint, the past is lies, the truth is...
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