Lyrics to Crash Boom Fizz
Ola, me bambino, oh unparto en banco is over there, eh watermelon eh watermelon is a watermelon

Crash boom fizz, bing bang boom

I'm a Spanish guy, I am a knacker
I am a Spanish knacker crash boom fizz
I am a la living the life

I like to go to the beach and mess with everybody there
I kick sand in the faces of little kids and I go and I go spare yeah
I am mad I'm a Spanish knacker I live in an estate called esta la bla
I go crazy all of the time, I piss in the fountain and that's so funny

Crash boom fizz, bing bang boom
Crash boom fizz, a linga bang boom

I make you go crazy and go dancing in the rain and eh cause I come from Spain
Yeah crash boom fizz, and bing bang boom
That's what I say in the summer when it's June

Crash boom fizz, and a bingybangy boom
La lalalala

Girls in bikinis in my video,I'm gona go on a big TV show
I am a Spanish guy and I go crazy, and everybody likes me

Crash boom fizz, bing bang boom
Crash boom fizz, bing bang boom
Crazy in the head crazy likelocadonatida

Part two

And I come from Spain bang boom bing
Crash boom fizz, living the life of a Spanish knacker
Crash boom boom fizz bang babing a choose le booba,

I like girls with tits and I like to spit at the nice police when they say go way
I like to go mad in the fountain lad, I am Spanish knacker
Upside inside out, inga boo, crash boom fizz and im a big bastard

La lalalabingabingba booze ah ha nan a na

Despite the rumours I am not gay, I've loads of women in my videos and they're shagging their arses around, and that proves I'm very very hetrosexual,

la lalala crash boom fizz
Crash boom fizz, bing bang boom
Crash boom fizz, bing bang boom
Crash boom fizz, bing bang boom

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