Lyrics to Crank It Up!
Crank It Up! Video:
Pipes coming nitrous as I distance my lair
No drunk bump's ragging can contain this affair
See, I m sweating faster than the sky can absorb
My eyes are bugging like a cesspool frog
Crank it up

Crank it up
Crank it up

Lunch don't appeal once I m feeling the flow
I ain't in the mood to break and spark up a bowl
The sun rakes the blacktop till she wriggles and smokes
If I don t stop soon, gonna burn my nose
Time's flying by as I reel in the miles
My front end's shakings put my speedo on trial
My pulse keeps a knocking past the redline zone
This white knuckle day's done rattled my bones

Crank it up
Crank it up
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