Crank Dat Aquaman Lyrics

Yung Trill

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Lyrics to Crank Dat Aquaman
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Cross left, cross right
Lean back den slide
Snap ya fingers do ya step
Den jig all night
Crank dat Aquaman AYEEE!!!(Wacth me do it) (Repeat 4x)
(Repeat 2x)

[Verse 1]

Shawty hit da dance flo' and just crank dat aquaman
Snap ya fingers, do ya step, can't nobody stop ya man(Yuh)
I'm straight jockin' man(Yuh)
I gets it poppin' man
Shawty makin' it bounce and it ain't no stoppin' it
You can't do it like me cuz I'm too trill wit it (Naw)
I do it wit no hands and I still kill it (Ayeee)
Yuh, I gotta new dance on deck (Yup)
Gon jig wit it, den crank dat aquaman (Ayeee)
Now watch me do it (Watch me do it)
Watch me do it (Watch me do it)
2 steppin' and I got yo girl lookin' (Ayeee)
Yuh she jiggin' and she got dat thang tootin' (Ayeee)
Turn yo head and now yo shawty tooken (Ha Ha)
I ain't scared to bring my dance on da flo' (Naw)
And I ain't playin' watch me crank my dance on dat hoe (Ayeee)
I do it fresh, yeen gotta even check (Naw)
I crank dat aquaman and I got her gettin' wet (Ayeee)


[Verse 2]

I'm too fresh up in dis bitch (Chea)
I'm too trill up in dis shit (Chea)
Stand back just a bit (Chea)
And watch Trill jig (Ayeee)
My squad on deck (Ayeee)
My dance on deck (Ayeee)
All you suckas wanna try me tellem hands on deck (Ayeee)
See you can do it like me, I make you sit down
Imma aquaman dat hoe and watch you hataz drown (Ayeee)
Gon head girl, gon move yo neck wit it
Lean back and snap (Yup) gon do yo step wit it (Chea)
Real niggas (Yuh) show stacks on deck wit it (Ayeee)
And all dem gangstas just rep yo set wit it (Ayeee)
Dem girls see you crankin' yo dance and dey be booin' (Boo)
Dey watch me crank dat aquaman and damn dey be choosin' (Ayeee)
Its nonthin' to it
Just snap to da music
Bruh who you foolin'
You can't even do it
Errybody needa hit da dance flo'
Aquaman dat hoe, gon crank yo dance folk


(Thanks to Yung Trill for these lyrics)
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