Lyrics to Crackaloonie
Crackaloonie Video:
Ayo Lightyea You See Them Kickz (DRE McFLY)
Yo Dem JunKz Iz Slammin Kid (Jeff Lightyear)
They straight dope (Jeff Lightyear)
betta yet they crackaloonie (DRE McFLY)
what's crackaloonie (Jeff Lightyear)
Aww Man (DRE McFLY)
Listen ill kick it to yah (DRE McFLY)

If You Like to have fun and you far from a bum (DRE McFLY)
that's Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (DRE McFLY)
If you like to be cool and you act like a fool (DRE McFLY)
that's Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (DRE McFLY)
Or if you even see kicks and you think they da shit is that Ca-Ca Crackaloonie (Jeff Lightyear)

yea do you get it now jeff (DRE McFLY)
yea I get it now dre (Jeff Lightyear)
cus we Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (Jeff Lightyear)
N we chill like hawains (DRE McFLY)
on gulla gulla island (DRE McFLY)
cus we Ca-Ca Crackaloonie (DRE McFLY)
n the word is cool (Jeff Lightyear)
if you use it in school (Jeff Lightyear)
Like Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (Jeff Lightyear)

Ayo I'm Best I'm Funy To The Fresh (DRE McFLY)
bein crackaloonie kid iz betta than da rest (DRE McFLY)
while shop till we drop n aint none left (Jeff Lightyear)
and watchin cartoons while the room iz a mess (Jeff Lightyear)
If You Bout To Leave Home and at funzone that's (DRE McFLY)
CA-Ca-Crackaloonie (DRE McFLY)
If You Play Pokemon N Ya Girl Wear A Thong that's (Jeff Lightyear)
Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (Jeff Lightyear)
If Ya Kicks Is Juicy N Ya Chick Gotta Booty That's (DRE McFLY)
Ca-Ca-Crackoolie (DRE McFLY)
If Dress Like You 80s n it finish wit baby that's (Jeff Lightyear)
Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (Jeff Lightyear)
If watch family guy while eatin sum fries that's (DRE McFLY)
Ca-Crackaloonie (DRE McFLY)
If You Think Your Hot N You Own a boombox that's (Jeff Lightyear)
Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (Jeff Lightyear)

Yea I Watch Old School Cartoons (Jeff Lightyear)
Like Fred Flistone YaBaDaBaDooo (DRE McFLY)
Yup But we aint threw (DRE McFLY)
makin moves from paris to peru (DRE McFLY)
mcfly n lightyear back n we kicken it (Jeff Lightyear)
like a new pair of kicks the bottom I'm licken it
yea and plus we get realy spiffy (Jeff Lightyear)
dolla dolla billen to whoeva is wit me (DRE McFLY)

If You really like toys and you own a gameboy
that's Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (Jeff Lightyear)

If You Like to play Games N You Own a rope chain (DRE McFLY)
that's Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (DRE McFLY)
If You Dress Retro And Ride Metro You
Ca-Ca-Crackaloonie (Jeff Lightyear)
And At This Time We Gotta Say Bye cus we Ca-Ca Crackaloonie (DRE McFLY)

Shout Outs To Emstate (Jeff Lightyear)
We Outz Peace (Jeff Lightyear)

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