Lyrics to Crack
Crack Video:
[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Kipersmit]

Living on a lie
Living on a lie
Getting back to you
I can never cry
This could be a lie
Turning back to you
Or a friend of mine
Trying to forget
All the past regret
Things that I can see
But I never have
Lingering raving
Causing to move
Back to the scene
What if it´s a lie
Should I fool myself
Or pretend to die
Stalking like a spy
Don´t dare to deny let us
Play the game
Living on a lie
People passing by
Give one more chance
Innocence to be
Remaining craving
Having you stand
Still while you think
Sun rays on the skin
Walk on a glass ocean
Burning kind of sin
Thousands of red roses and
The melody warming you
Heating in your cozy lap
I´m caught by you
In my own dream
Living in the light
Of an invention
Sorry for the tear
I´d rather go
Than deserve a chance
To make believe
We are living free
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