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Cowboys and kissesCowboys and kissesGotta find myself everytime you go awayBaggy blue jeans and a box of magazinesIs all I have of youWaitin' on the day you walk back in my lifeLike a newborn child, you made me smile,Then stole my heart awayWe may be outta touch, but never out of time(Come back to me boy)Come back to me boyCHORUS:(Cowboys and kisses)Always seem to bring me downYou're like a weight in my pocketEverytime you come aroundDamn those cowboys and kissesGotta find myself everytime you go awayHoldin on to you like a pair of old shoesThat you never throw awayEvery road still leads me back to you, yeahYour little white lies and butterflies made me shed a tearStill I'm prayin on the day that you'll be mine (mine)Why do all theseCHORUSWhy do I keep on holding youWhen all you do is hurt me?All my friends say I should let you goSo afraid that I might seeI can't keep on living life like thisUp and down in and outI wonder, is this world just a cowboy and a kiss?Or should I choose another?CHORUS

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