Covered In Excrement Lyrics

Putrid Pile

Collection Of Butchery

Lyrics to Covered In Excrement
Covered In Excrement Video:
Willfully painted with feces
Smear it on your body parts
Choking you with my cock
Vomit on my genitalia
Now your ready for my meat, ram it in your ass
Grudge fucking you from behind
Blood drips to the floor
The stench of excrement lingers in the air
Visions of me killing you, fulfilling my needs
(strangulation while fucking you from behind
Die as i cum inside [3x])
You had no idea of what was to come
Dead and covered in shit, face down on the floor
Laughing hysterically as i piss on corpse
Good for nothing worthless whore
Rotting in hell forever
Slicing your cadaver up with a rusty strait razor
Rubbing my cock in the bleeding cuts
Taste the blood as it trickles off my hand on to my tongue
Necrophilia, fucking the dead is the only way to sooths the savage beast
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