Lyrics to Covenant Maker
Covenant Maker Video:
You come to me like you say things like you're used to
You say your heart is troubled yet you refuse to cry
Your truth disarms my judgment, your heart's not an alibi
You look at me so hard I know that I'll try
I'll try, girl

And you know you can never escape things that you can't enfold
And you know you will never be free from the stories you've told
I can't believe that you would hostage your soul
I can't take you in half and make you a whole

I'm not the covenant maker

You come to me and tell me that you've been waiting
You're a little afraid I remind you of Satan
I say "you're not to worry" and open the door
You tell me that you feel that you've been here before

Yes and do you remember the scent of winter when you were seven years old
You should know I would never trade love for the truth or my soul
You're on fire, inspired, desiring God's gold
You won't find it in divine stories I've told about my soul

I'm not the covenant maker

Did you think that your thoughts could take you to the realm of your soul?
If you truly believe that then union was never your goal
I can't believe that you still need to be told
If you don't know by now, brother, I'd better hold you

'Cause you are the covenant maker
Between you and your soul
You alone
Like I am
I am the covenant maker between I and Bahola
Between I and Jehovah
Between I and Jah
Between I and Atua

I can't believe that you would hostage your soul
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