Courage And Control Lyrics

Brandon Boyd

The Wild Trapeze

Lyrics to Courage And Control
Courage And Control Video:
The boulevard is bustling
A vast and wrinkled muscling
To pull over my eyes
and I know I don't belong

These is a noise inside of me
That pulses asymmetrically
Oh how am I to balance those sounds into a song

It's time to let your hair down
And give yourself permission
It takes courage and control
But you start by letting go

The city's an analogy
For things building inside of me
There's chaos and there's discourse
Still we move along

But chaos sings of symmetry
and all her words are poetry
and that's the kind of city
which I want to belong


Ohhh I think I feel I see
Ohhh that this place is not me
I want to belong to be wild and free
Ohhh he who asks receives



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