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Lyrics to Country Feedback (unplugged 2001)
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This flower is scorchedThis film is onOn a maddening loop.These clothes,These clothes don't fit us rightI'm to blameIt's all the sameIt's all the sameYou come to me with a bone in your handYou come to me with your hair curled tightYou come to me with positionsYou come to me with excusesDucked out in a rowYou wear me outYou wear me outWe've been through fake-a-breakdownSelf hurtPlastics, collectionsSelf help, self pain,EST, psychics, fuck allI was centralI had controlI lost my headI need thisI need thisA paper weight, junk garageWinter rain, a honey potCrazy, all the lovers have been tagged.A hotline, a wanted adIt's crazy what you could've hadIt's crazy what you could've hadIt's crazy what you could've hadI need thisI need thisOnce upon a timeYou looked so fineThrew the bum a dimeIn your prime, didn't you?Go to him nowHe calls youYou can't refuseWhen you've got nothingYou've got nothing to loseYou're invisible nowYou're invisibleYou've got nothing to conceal

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