Lyrics to Counting on You
Counting on You Video:
CHAD: There's a choice that you have to make.
TAYLOR: And it's pretty plain to see.
ZEKE: You're either out or in.
MARTHA: You either lose or win.
JOCKS/BRAINIACS: Are you gonna turn your back on history?
JOCKS: On the legend that you're a part of...
BRAINIACS: On the job that you were born to do?
JOCKS/BRAINIACS: Don't let us down. You gotta come through cause we're counting on, counting on, counting on you....

GABRIELLA: What history?
TROY: What legend?
CHAD: Spider Bill Natrine!
TAYLOR: Harriet Tubman!
ZEKE: Sammy Slamma Jamma Netletter!
MARTHA: Madame Curie!
JASON: Thunderclap Haphadden!
KRATNOFF: Eleanor Roosevelt!
CHAD: Do you think these wildcat legends became legends by worrying about some brainiac chick or auditioning for musicals?
TAYLOR: Do you think the paradigms of education and accomplishment concerned themselves with jocks or auditioning for musicals?
JOCKS/BRAINIACS: I don't think so!

JOCKS: Check out the champions that came before hail the hero that you could be.
BRAINIACS: And put away that dream 'cause there's no "I" in team.
JOCKS/BRAINIACS: And the sacrifice is worth it we all agree.
JOCKS: You just have to keep your focus.
BRAINIACS: And forget about you know who.
JOCKS/BRAINIACS: Don't let us down, you gotta come through 'cause we're counting on, counting on, counting on you.

(Jocks bring out Troy's dads his basketball picture. brainiacs bring out picture of Troy)
TROY: That's my dad!
GABRIELLA: That's Troy!
CHAD: Heartbreak Bolton, missed the last basket of the 1981 championships, do it for him Troy give him the championship he always dreamed of!
TAYLOR: Heartbreak Bolton, another lost cause, boneheaded, basketballus moranus jock, but you, your the future of civilization!

JOCKS: Your next in the line your part of the chain and now that we can make it don't break it.
MARTHA: You're the heir apparent.
TAYLOR: That's what everyone says.
BRAINIACS: From Frida Kahlo, Indira Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, to Gabriella Montez...
JOCKS: Bolton, Bolton, Bolton!
JOCKS/BRAINIACS: Now the pressure is way up high which way are you gonna go you gonna sing a song or are you gonna be strong trade your fantasies in for the thing you know the destiny you've been handed the only thing that you can do don't let us down you gotta come through cause we're counting on you...

TROY: I thought you guys were my teammates? Win together lose together teammates?

JOCKS/BRAINIACS: Yeah we're counting on you...

GABRIELLA: What about what I want?

JOCKS/BRAINIACS: We're counting on you...

TROY: What do you want from me?

JOCKS/BRAINIACS: So don't let us down...

GABRIELLA: I thought you were my friends!

JOCKS/BRAINIACS: We're counting on counting on counting on...
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