Lyrics to Counterparts
Counterparts Video:
You used to be my downfall
You used to be my torment
But oh do i have a secret for you
I know how you get me
Oh sweet Jesus
I refuse to just be right
This is war
You're driven by the puppeteer
Your counterparts the same
You Jezebel, I will not die
I will not be your victim anymore
You hear me Jezebel? Oh, stay away from me! My God is all i need
You Jezebel
So pack your bags and take your things
And close the door behind you
and just remember what I say
Your ways are far behind me
I will destroy you
I must destroy
If you aren't with me
I must deploy
My soul is marked with blood
pouring from the hands of love
Can't stop what I deploy
Don't hate, Destroy
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