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The Wrens

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Lyrics to Counted On Sweetness
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"i was born too soon" is how my grave will read
lived to 35 but died at 17
it took an hour or so to reach the border as planned
a few miles from here i would never know
i'll confess what i've done in time
lived through worse and never cared for anyone
they never seemed to mind for me
i left before they ever knew that i was gone
it's the facts blood knows laid out in front of you
tied up in foolish news waiting for a view
all the time i've been waiting by them
look at them they can't find me
in walked the left to lose / chained down to please a few
i wonder who they'll choose / i wonder who
in whispered to my ear, "what will you do until then"
dream all you want me dear it's a fitting an end.
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