Couldn't Call It Unexpected #4 Lyrics

Elvis Costello

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Lyrics to Couldn't Call It Unexpected #4
Couldn't Call It Unexpected #4 Video:
I saw a girl who'd found her consolation She said "One day my Prince of Peace will come" Above her head a portrait of her father The wilted favour that he gave her still fastened to the frame "They've got his bones and everything he owns I've got his name" Well you can laugh at this sentimental story But in time you'll have to make amends The sudden chill where lovers doubt their immortality As the clouds cover the sky the evening ends Describing a picture of eyes finally closing As you sometimes glimpse terrible faces in the fire We'll I'm the lucky goon Who composed this tune from birds arranged on the high wire Who on earth is tapping at the window? Does that face still linger at the pane? I saw you shiver though the room was like a furnace A shadow of regret across a young mother's face So toll the bell or rock the cradle Please don't let me fear anything I cannot explain I can't believe, I'll never believe in anything again

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