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Fluid Motion

Lyrics to Could This Be Real
Could This Be Real Video:
Step through another window
To an opening of eyes
Instead of flowing with the current trends
(That's why) We submerge ourselves
Beneath the sonic ocean
Shadow's walking side by side
Without a spoken word
(That's why) Waves upon your face
In time are forgotten
Could This Be Real?
I often wonder
Could This Be Real?

[solo - Young]

The cold we feel as if revealed
It's raining from our eyes
As if we we're a rainbow in disguise
A veil of clouds hiding our sun
What has this begun?
Could This Be Real?
Could This Be?
Itself relating to what is within
A blend of contractions two minutes apart
Lasting words with meaning
Meaning do you see her smiling at you?
We'll see you again in our musical world
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