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Lyrics to Coughing Up Blood
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String my veins thru all the treetops
Summertime airplane crash...
Empty my arms of all that pollutes me
I'm a comet
I'm a flash! (Watch out!)

Bloody leaves should get some reaction
Sympathy for me from the people I love
Flowers and cards to salute me
I'm a snowflake
I'm a dove (Oh my!)

And up will come the cancer
Up will come volcanic ash
Up come sheets of red hot hail
The streets and the blood of my past
Up come the angels of mercy
Up come the children of peace
From all the cities I've swallowed
I shall be released
Ring of fire bring my destruction
Ring of fire do nothing at all
Ring of fire deliver me back home
Goon Maxie (whistles) Get your ball

It says St. Louis, "The gateway to the west"
Painted on a roadside barn
We're pullin' off into a parkin lot
Next to a frozen farm
Then havin' coffee in a truck stop john
One of us is still waiting to pay
Then we're on our way
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