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Lyrics to CosPlaying FanGurls
CosPlaying FanGurls Video:
Luke Dogg: Greetings Hot Girls,
Dress like You're Nerdy.

I know a place
Where a lot of things are nerdy
Chicks in outfits
That get me thinking thoughts so dirty
Dressin' in corsets (Luke Dogg: Don't forget bustierres)
They stayed up all night sewing costumes (SCHOOL NIGHT)
(Luke Dogg: You got that Hot Glue Gun, Girl!)
We Gawk as they Walk
Jaws drop as they enter the ballroom (Quagmire: ALL RIGHT!)

Their attention to detail
They worked all week to impress other geeks
Costumed heroes in chain mail
I think I'm falling in love,
Oh, oh oh, Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh!

Chorus 1
Science Fiction Gurls, they are so popular
Slave Leia, bikini in gold
Dark Green Skin on all of the Orion Gurls!
Oh, oh-oh, Oh, oh-oh-Orion!
(Luke Dogg: 7 of 9? Pff...'nuff said!)

Fantasy FanGurls, (Luke Dogg: Fangurls)they are so literal
Pointy eared elves will raise my point
Hermione's so hot, but not yet legal
Oh, oh-no, No, oh-oh-oh-no!
(Luke Dogg: I like that Steam Punk with Junk in the Trunk, girl!)

Pose for photos
With Stormtroopers in Stilettos (Luke Dogg: Yeah)
They freak out the geeks (Luke Dogg: You know it, baby!)
Dressed as some obscure heroes (or villians)

You could travel the world
From Comic-Con to Con, they got it going on
They are just every day girls
Who love what I love!
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh!

Chorus 2
Superhero Gurls, they are spectacular
Super short skirt on Supergirl
Makes me wanna watch as she flys away
Up up up and away! Up up up and away!
(Luke Dogg: Dressed like Sue Storm, You're looking Fantatsic! ...Wait, where'd you go?)

Video Game Girls, they are so digital
Lara Croft's Tomb is over-Raided (Luke Dogg: Yeah!)
Chun Li's thunder thighs will win the Street Fight
Hi, hi-ya, ya, Hi, hi-ya, hi-ya!

[Luke's Rap Verse]

Dragon*Con or San Diego,
I'll go wherever they go.
PAX East, West coast.
These are the girls I love the most.
Elastigirl makes my Pix-heart twirl.
Save the cheerleader, save the world.
(Roger Rabbit: Pblblbleeease!) that Jessica dame.
Starbuck's the same, hot as the coffee with her name.
There's Evie with Kaylee,
and from BSG, 6 is a 10 to me.
Dr. Girlfriend with her deep sexy voice
shows Kim Possible how to get boys.
Wonder Woman, tie me up!
Costume contest, line 'em up!
Cheetara, Inara, Zatanna,
With Uhura, led by Queen Amidala,
Leela, and Xena, (Xena yell: Haililililili!)
Got the power like She-Ra.
(Chris Waffle: Uh huh!) Judge Chris Waffle tells every cutie,
Chris Waffle: C'mon fangirls, shake that booty!

Chorus 3
CosPlaying Fangurls, they are incredible
From comic books to anime
Spandex is a privilege, it is not a right
Oh, oh-oh, Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh

CosPlaying FanGurls, they are so popular
Guys fight for a picture with them
Fin'ly found some girls that will talk to us!
Oh, oh-oh, Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh

Science Fiction...and Fantasy Gurls
(Luke Dogg: You know I wish they could all be CosPlaying FanGurls...)

Science Fiction...Double Feature Show.
(Luke Dogg: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy Pond...You can all be MY companions)
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