Lyrics to Cosmos
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Cosmos (E. Dobek)

I don't wanna tell you what I think

I don't wanna say nothing

Erudite young men come a dime a dozen

You don't listen to the music, o.k. that's fine

But the words all rhyme and the song's in time

Stuck inside a world

Where we all cling for things

That we think are going to make us content

But if all my friends were me

And they could see themselves through me

They'll realize I really didn't care...

I don't wanna tell you what I think about President Reagan

I don't wanna go fishing but I like Carl Sagan

I don't wanna be a girl

I don't wanna be the queen

I don't wanna be a part of the american dream

Yeah, I wish I was born with a face and a voice

But you pays your money and you takes your choice

I don't like Julie Andrews or the Pope or my mom

Look pretty smart but I sure am clever...
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