Lyrics to Cosmic Bubble
Cosmic Bubble Video:
(Verse 1)
You've been violently brought down
Down into the abyss of darkness
It fries up my mind
To think that you are going through all this torture
And my heart breaks
When they say all these monstrous phrases to you
There is only one thing left to do

I'll transform into your cosmic bubble
I'll penetrate all your troubles
No fast fist will knock you down
When I'm around
The stars and I are on your side
There is no need for you to hide
Because you and I will cuddle
As I play the role
Of your cosmic bubble

(Verse 2)
My romance for you
Has brought you up again
But then you fell back down
So I kicked up my reinforcements
For the battle of angels and demons
Now just take ten steps back
And watch me unleash this massive attack


The nightmares have been tamed
I have stopped these horror games
I'll protect you in my heart
We will never fall apart

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