Lyrics to Corridor Anxieties
Corridor Anxieties Video:
I was walking down the corridor, and thinking about how in Herbology that day we were supposed to be re-potting
I love repotting, I think it's really great for my blood pressure!
I was really excited, and I was thinking all these great thoughts about plants, and roots, and leaves...

And then all of a sudden... I heard these footsteps behind me!
And I looked and it was Snape!
He had his glare on his face, like, like not even a normal Snape glare!
But like he wanted to kill someone, really kill someone!
And I thought, oh my God. Harry's in the hospital wing.
So what if because Snape can't kill Harry, he wants to kill me?
Then my gran will kill Snape for killing me -
Gran will go to Azkaban, and there won't be anyone to visit her!
And after Snape's killed me, he'll probably chop me up and use me for Potions ingrediens!
I mean, you'd think it wouldn't happen, but he's Snape,
So how are you supposed to know if it would happen?
It might happen! He's Snape!

I'll never do all that great re-potting in Herbology!

And then I remembered how yesterday, Seamus had told this joke about Snape and his hair,
And I laughed because it was funny,
But what if Snape found out that I laughed? What if he was coming to get me?
Or what if he knew about how Hermione looked at my last Potions essay before I turned it in?
And I wondered which he wanted more, to keep his job or to kill me
He was walking by me, and I thought he was gonna look at me, I know he's gonna look at me!
And then he just kept walking past me, I don't think he even saw me...
And I thought, I'm alive! It's alright, Neville, you're alive!
I can go to Herbology! And do all that great re-potting, it's so much fun, really!
I love re-potting!
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