Lyrics to Corpse Id
Corpse Id Video:
I couldn't foretell what it will be happening
In the next hours
I know you are laying on the ground
And every reason is lost
And anywhing you may think
Is hidden and buried with you.
But I am ready to find you
Ready to give life to your corpse.
I caught your faint signals
And I am ready to come
My blinding chilly sun.
Yes, sometimes I might hear
The hazy shape of your terrible echo.
I Never joked. Never mocked you nor me.
I am real.
I have killed every dream.
In every death there shines a star.
Every sorrow recalls frames of a no return to life.
May you see the brightness of lost distant Jupiter's rings?
One day sunrise never will come.
No return to life.
Flashes of life chase each others.
Would have cried all my tears...
down there I found my breath.
And heart doesn't beat anymore
but life's dreaming into dread.
Mars sky's layers are licking me.
No return to life.
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