Lyrics to Cornered
Cornered Video:
There never was a night like this
how could there ever be?
Through sweat and velvet misery
the fever-race in me.

Cornered in symmetrical design,
sphere-like chrome on a sea enraged.

What the mirror sees
is the clutching at straws,
taking us under.
The storm of the ocean,
this velvety crush.
Ringcorners, firm in the outrage.
synoptic patterns,
waves contort.
Break into these cellular walls.

Globes of disease
infest my dreams,
burning the ends of my veins.

Pattern and form
the squares cling fast,
dance the tide now.

Could never bear another night,
although I know it will come.
The freezing ends of what is me,
the icing rages free.

Take hold of the boundaries,
on this perimeter sea.
Burn, enflame the oppressor
and if four was one
in a corner alone
recovering, licking the wounds.
Delirium coming,
the weakness kicks in.
Reforming, cornered within.
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