Corn In A Box Lyrics

Kate Campbell


Lyrics to Corn In A Box
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Saw the mark of a Pharaoh's hand
In the middle of a field of sand
Seven wonders have come and gone
Only one's still hanging on

Watched a man in sixty-nine
Take one small step for all mankind
Stuck a flag pole in the ground
Climbed back in his ship and came back down

Evolution's almost through
There ain't much left that we can't do
Seems like a paradox
You can't grow corn in a box
Still can't grow corn in a box

They finally got this cloning down
So we got a bunch of sheep that look alike running round
Well I can't wait to get my own
She can go to work while I stay at home

Some things change
Some things won't
The more we know
The more we don't
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