Lyrics to Cork Circus
La lalalalalalalala
Let's all go to Cork
And we can get a cream pie in the face
I don't like goin to Cork, it is such a smelly place

Everybody is a clown from cork
In their own special way
Everybody is a silly big clown they have blue hair on their face
Everybody wears big shiny suits
They have big long shoes and a big wig
They have red noses and lots of funny clotheses
They are a clown from Cork
Are you? Come on

Everybody is a clown a clown from Cork
Everybody is a clown a clown from Cork

I'm goin to Cork I'm goin right away
I'm goin on my unicycle that way I fit in with the other guys
Who ride unicycles all around Cork
Because they are such feckin' clowns

Everybody is a clown from Cork, they all talk funny and they sing in their voices
And they have funny funny red hair
And big noses and cream pies up their face

And everybody is a clown from Cork, you're not better livin' in New York
And New York, New York is so good they named it twice but Cork is only half as nice

Ha ha you clowns, from Cork
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