Lyrics to Cool Whip
Cool Whip Video:
Don't know much about birds and bees
About your cash and your mysterious appointments
Wondered where you could have ducked out of sight
'Til we saw your appointment hanging on your arm last night
Checkin' out
Don't go checkin' out

Cool Whip, uh oh oh
That tops it off
We think you'd better cool it
Cool Whip, uUh oh oh
That tops it off
We think you'd better cool it down

Seen it happen all a hundred times
It's like a trap or going off to jail
Remember Ken and the girl who roped him in?
Well she got fat and now they're living in a trailer
Your checkin' out
Don't go checkin' out

Got your pick of any girl in the world
I ain't no sissy but you could do much better
It seems that I'm the only one who's immune
No little girl's gonna tell me what to do

You need to have your little fun with the boys
Out drinking on a Friday
Kick some ass and play some poker
Your saying shit that don't sound too cool
Like 'lovey-lovey-honey-bunny'
Gives us all a break, dude
You're checkin' out
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