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Lyrics to Convictions Of A Schoolyard Anarchist
Convictions Of A Schoolyard Anarchist Video:
We read their textbooks.
With caution we flamed their pages burnt.
Suspecting who holds the pen.
Two sides to lies.
Two truths.
Imagine a curriculum that teaches kids to think instead of just be taught.
No wonder there are so many sleep in the streets:
I thought lamb-chops was dead...1917 is still used to kill our hope.
Not that bull shit dictatorship.
Secret police.
No justice no trials just suspect.

A bullet branded authority.
Five-hundred anarchists sitting on their knees (executed for what they believe).
That's not camaraderic to me.
Our heroes pass we still cheer on.
But were they really heroes?
Battle in the ukraine to control the party.
Scare them subordiante: terror terror state inflicted.

What is modern state terror?
Bush and CNN.
He asked me if police and armed forces were mechanisms of minority rule.
State control out of control.
She asked him if fear and propaganda always will drivert a people's revolt.
History class's evil twin.
Revolt. "Yeah...I may dream but at least I'm not dead like you."
They want fair reparations for history contested.
One students search for a fair historical document
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