Conversations And A Maker's Mark Lyrics

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Lyrics to Conversations And A Maker's Mark
Conversations And A Maker's Mark Video:
Just show me everything you've got
and I will turn you on
Show me everything you've got

Just show me everything you want
and I will take it off

Taking lessons from transcriptions in the night
Its every explosion that we create and answer
Taking lessons from every conversation
Waiting, willing, and saying it
Its only loud when we speak

We kiss so hard that our teeth cave in
At the rate our lips are bleeding
I assure you we'll be gone by morning

Given this chance
would you say everything that you did

(Thing you did)
Keep your eyes closed tight
and don't forget to breathe
I won't slow down
I never meant to
lead you on

So spill your guts
I've been waiting all my life to touch you this way
So take your time
and use your patience
to wait for me
Just wait for me
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