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In My Eyes

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Lyrics to Conversation Drifts
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Every time I talk to you conversation drifts the same way Things you wish you'd seen or wanted to do There's always something in the way We risk so little and regret so much I don't lack the will to try I have to do what's right for me I don't mean to pass you by I know I'm living up to what I want I have something strong to believe Making memories that last Won't live in the past Know what I need to succeed It's not fame and fortune or mass appeal Those promises are empty to me It's earning respect and honor from friends My sense of security It took so long to find this all And it can never be replaced You can hold a grudge-suspect everyone I'll trust an honest face If I fail in your eyes, I might gain something you can't comprehend Such a waste to never have a passion I'll follow mine until the end

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