Lyrics to Control Group
Control Group Video:
I recall a time
when I wouldn't have to lie
when talking about you to my friends.
With a hope inside and another drink so I
can tell them all the truth again

and I'm suffocating
under water
I. And I fixate
but tonight tonight tonight
test tubes
control groups
are interfering with my plan
and I swear that I still need you
I swear that I still love
but I never want to see your face again

and I could waste a whole night
and make sure everythings alright
I never want to let you go
but now the tables turned
another bridge I watched you burn
I cant lie and tell you thats its alright


nothing must of changed
but with that sorry smurf
forgot to pay the rent
and got evicted from your face

you made a mountain out of him
the blood dried up
and your driving off tonight

and i walked away
expecting you to do the same
but you just stayed behind

and my darkness turns to light
as your LCD flat lies


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