Continental Dares Lyrics

Ed Tullett

Never Joy

Lyrics to Continental Dares
Continental Dares Video:
Hearing waves
of war in words
crack over head,
and sky,
and little teeth
would sink into mine,
and I would be

Sometimes it was part of me,
A flash of urge to find the streets,
from boyhood vigour
and shadowed figures
you'd taught me.

Frozen hands were pocket bound,
an hour was enough for me;
a ball of snow,
a wound to treat.

Eyes to lights in sky,
no need to define,
to give a name is to lie;
hollow but beautiful.

Afraid of all the stares
and continental dares
I had lost,
and that fear will sparkle,
and then fall out.

For the childhood
I owed you everything
that I am scared of,
and surrounded.
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