Lyrics to Contagious
Contagious Video:
these days and nights
they're killing me
I don't want to stay up late
can't seem to get to sleep
alone in my room I keep
dreaming, dreaming of you
I've held you close
I've pushed you away
my mind it just won't make up
and can't think straight anyway
alone in my room I'll stay
waiting, waiting for you

but if I get too close, you might drag me in
and if I try to run away, I might not see you again
you're contagious to the touch
and I want to breathe you in
I miss you, just wish you could hold me again

every time I see you it reminds me of those days
I had you to myself and I kept looking for a change
alone in your room you lay
waiting, waiting for me
but now you're gone, yeah you've moved on
locked me in my cage and you threw the key away
alone in my room I'll stay
dreaming, dreaming of you

I don't know where to begin
confusion is closing in
I can't ask you to leave, but it's best you didn't stay
please won't you help me? I'm fading away
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