Lyrics to Contagious
Contagious Video:
Has the cold thawed your heart again?
Can it still beat and bleed just like others people can?
Can emotions be seen in your eyes?
Is it just another sense in your body, that's burned and died.


Everyday was the same she'd come over,
We'd laugh all day, than we'd kiss, and I'd hold her.
something's changed on the way, now she's not okay.

She never talks anymore it frustrates,
when she does it's complaints and she's angry,
How many times can I say that I'm sorry.

You're not the same girl that I knew,
You're jaded, serated, the devil's here, and now he's inside of you.
And I pray one day you'll come back to me.
At the sky I stare, with my hand's in the air, wish and believe.

You're contagious, and I'm infected again.

You're contagious, and I'm infected again.
You know that I'm sorry

(Thanks to Devon for these lyrics)
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