Lyrics to Connie's Son
Fuckin' King of New York, fuck nigga

Ayo, teacher kept Burberry alive
Why your bitch starin' at my neck like that? Now she blind (Blind)
Whipped the whole brick by design
Fiend fell out, splash water on him, he'll be fine (Fine)
Ayo, just do the tests, I don't need no introduction (Ah)
Made at least a half a mil' ridin' mega buses
Clarity, the dollar gave her two, now she want five
MAC 12, MAC 13, you niggas know the vibes (Brr)
Steak Porter size, through the Hells up too much, Rolls (Ah)
Seen Pac at the corner store tryna sell a stove
The cherry GT with the wing (Ah), nigga, there I go
The Almighty, my only friends on the VLONE, Dior gloves, baggin'
At night in Dior sunglasses, the ratchet in the Mackage
Shots out the Maybach, caught them niggas lackin' (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Hand scales works well, the soda doin' magic